This is my current filesystem:

The 60Gb partition on the left is my Vista one. The 66Gb one on the right is my 'data' partition (music etc).

I want to use the unnallocated one on the middle (20.53Gb) for my Ubuntu install.

But the guided installer doesnt seem to want to; it keeps trying to mess with my Vista partition, which I don't want to resize. I just want to use the 20Gb partition and nothing else. Even if I go to 'use largest free space', he still wants to mess with my Vista partition instead of using that 20Gb one.

So my other option is the manual partition install thinger. But I don't know how to do this - it keeps telling me 'no partition table' or some such.

Can someone help me with a step by step - what file system to use, swap files etc.? How to get everything ready so the Ubuntu will install onto it?