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    Help with remote admin via VNC (without local login)

    Hi Folks,

    New to ubuntu, and relatively new to linux. First and foremost let me say that ubuntu has got to be one of the best linux experiences I have had so far!

    I'm trying to setup a ubuntu server, so all access is remote. I've followed the VNC how-to, and have gotten everything to work except for what I need: Ability to login to desktop environment without an actual login at the terminal -- "VNC Server with Login Screen via GDM".

    The VNC how-to was here:

    I am indeed able to:
    -ssh/telnet in
    -export displays, and create xterms etc.
    -Create additional remote logins, *IF* there is a a local login already to the machine
    -I can remotely access via "Remote Desktop" and vnc where is already a local login (ie desktop sharing) also

    I think I am close though: When there is NO local login and I try to vnc into the machine, I receive a different error message:

    Real VNC: "reading version failed: not an RFB Server?"
    TightVNC: "Invalid Protocol"

    I am trying to access my 192.168.0.x:1.

    There doesn't appear to be any additional useful log files of any sort for me to test / debug this issue. Can anyone lend a hand?

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