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Thread: [SOLVED] Some doubts

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    Question [SOLVED] Some doubts


    I have ubuntu heron installed and doing all fine except emerald theme.

    I had used CCSm to setup all related compiz -fusion commands like compiz --replace, windows decoration and so on. The theme only visible when i use emerald --replace in run. But on reset X its goes back to metacity. I want emerald badly. How can I fix this ?

    Can anybody tell me about the defragment utility for LINUX ?

    How can I clean the used temporary files and internet temp files, like in windows ?

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    Re: Some doubts

    Defragmenting is not typically done in linux filesystems because (as I understand it) it just isn't necessary. If you happen to have a DOS (vfat) filesystem that you want to defrag there are probably tools to do it, but I don't know what they are off the top of my head.

    Temporary files are probably cleaned automatically from time to time. I'm not sure. But you can always delete the contents of /tmp if you want it done immediately. By "internet temp files" I can only assume you mean your web browser cache. This depends (as it does in Windows) on your browser. In Firefox, look at the options under the Privacy tab in Edit->Preferences.


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