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Thread: (Gutsy) Partition access issue

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    Question (Gutsy) Partition access issue

    When the system boots up, one partition on the 2nd drive is not readily accessible for some reason.

    The problem partition is hdd7 (ext3), just a storage partition, and the mount point is /media/disk. This was an ex-windows partition.

    The other drives/parts are shown on the desktop like normal, but not hdd7. In nautilus, it is listed at first as "50Gb partition".

    When I try to access it, I'm asked for my admin pw. After this, the name in nautilus changes to 'disk', and it is fully accessible until the next reboot.

    At first I thought it was an ownership/permissions issue, so I checked. It showed the owner/group to be root, so I changed the group to 'user', and set 740, but I couldn't create a desktop link that way, so I set 770, and thought I had it fixed, until I rebooted.

    I also see that my hdd5 drive is labeled/mounted as 'plugdev'. Do I need to change it to that group?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: (Gutsy) Partition access issue

    You have to manually make an entry in fstab :

    How to fstab - Ubuntu Forums
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