Network upgrade from Gutsy, earlier same from Feisty.

Upon logging into KDE3, the system makes a terrible loud whine and pretty much hangs so that I have to hard power-off the laptop. Gnome and KDE4 work OK. Is there something I can do to get back into KDE3?

Upon logging out (of Gnome or KDE4), instead of popping up another KDM login window, I get a black screen. Turns out it is at the text console. Why doesn't KDM start again?

When running Firefox under Gnome+Compiz, every time I open a menu in Firefox or select a drop-down, the FF window flashes black for a fraction of a second. Kind of annoying.

Also I cannot get any sound out of my headphones. I know it worked in Feisty, not sure I tried in Gutsy. I have an ALC882 chip, using the Intel driver.

Any possible solutions for any of this would be appreciated.

Other than this the upgrade worked OK, including with my video (nVidia 7600, laptop+external monitor) and Intel wireless. But these issues are enough to make me cautious about recommending Hardy to anyone at this point. I run Fedora Rawhide at work and have had fewer problems with it!