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Thread: Question RE: wubi and access to windows

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    Question RE: wubi and access to windows

    Hi all.

    I have a few questions. According to this ( ) if I used wubi to install ubuntu, I can't access my windows folders. (I think it has to do with it not being a real partition)
    Is this true?
    Is there a work-around?
    Is there a way to access the linux folders via windows? (I installed this ( ), but I'm not sure how to use it, or if wubi has an impact on if I can even use it.
    I can only read from USB. Is there a way to read AND write from a windows formatted usb-drive. (I probably should research this myself, but if you happen to know off the top of your head, it'd be much appreciated.)

    I'm starting out on Hardy Heron, my first installation, whoo hoo! (I apologize if this is a repost of an earlier thread.)


    ETA: N/M, I just discovered this page:
    just gotta look at /host
    how do I mark this page as solved?
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