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Thread: flash works only sometimes

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    flash works only sometimes

    On Hardy (8.04), using the supplied Firefox 3 Beta 5, and having allowed Firefox to install Adobe Flash, I have a mildly frustrating issue with Flash, which is that it only works some of the time. No matter what page it is (YouTube,,, and others), Flash will usually work just fine. However, sometimes it just shows up as a gray background with nothing in it (no controls, nothing). It can often be fixed by closing and then reopening the tab. Sometimes it appears to require restarting the browser entirely.

    In the meantime, everything else works just fine, and Firefox doesn't ever crash or anything. The Flash plugin just fails to do anything at seemingly random times.

    For the record, I'm running the x64 version of Hardy, and Firefox reports itself as x86_64. But Adobe Flash works fine when it DOES work, so I don't see why that would be the issue, particularly.
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    Re: flash works only sometimes


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