Just got this email from Bruce at VIA today. So for all the rest of the folks like me who bought a cloudbook, it looks like officially supported accelerated drivers for the CX700 are coming next month. YAY!!!! In the mean time it also appears there is a nice xine player that VIA has helped out with to get video playback to smooth out. Its a good time to be running VIA chipsets on linux. The UMPC love affair with small and fast distributions certainly didn't hurt I'm thinking. Anyway, theres the latest news I've received. As far as the How To's and the will it do this or will it do that questions, I don't know yet, the drivers are new, and the only VIA chipset I won is the CX700 in the cloudbook, once that driver ships I will go full out attempting to get it working the way I hope and want it to.

Have you ever tried to run the VeMP http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx...=29&DCatType=1 in your system if you can handle the LCD issue? The driver of CX700 for Unbuntu 8.04 is going to be ready for download on May/M. However, I don't think the HW accerlation of MPEG can be supported on this general driver because the license issue.