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Thread: Major help needed - not sure what's wrong

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    Exclamation Major help needed - not sure what's wrong

    Last night everything was working fine. This morning, however, I couldn't open Firefox - it would say that it was loading, and then just disappear. Things started to freeze up, so I did a manual shutdown (held the power button until it turned off), then turned it back on and started to boot into Ubuntu. That's where things went wrong - it would go a little ways through the splash screen, then it would go to a command-line interface and give me error message after error message about the USB hub not working. I hit Enter, and it goes to a command-line login. I'm able to login fine, but it remains on the command-line - no graphics whatsoever.

    I know that the hard drive is fine, as I booted twice into Tiger (where I am now). I had made absolutely no changes to anything, not even installing any updates in the past couple of days.

    My question to you is: I have two OpenOffice documents on my desktop in Gutsy that I desperately need. How do I go about retrieving those documents from the command line? Email them to myself, put them on a USB thumb drive, put them on my external hard drive... what would be the easiest way? I don't even want to worry about fixing the problem right now - my semester ends in a week and I'll worry about it then. I just really need those two documents. (Yes, I realize I'm a complete idiot for not backing up these documents. I've learned my lesson.)

    My computer is a MacBook CD, dual-boot Gutsy and Tiger 10.4.11.
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