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Thread: Known Hardy bugs and workarounds

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    Known Hardy bugs and workarounds

    Disclaimer : The purpose of this thread is just to list known Hardy Heron bugs and give the corresponding workarounds and launchpad entries. All discussions about the bug itself should go in the thread dedicated to the bug.
    Please do not list here bugs without any workaround

    sudo unable to resolve host
    - Workaround :
    - Bug Report :

    Excessive disk I/O in Firefox 3b5 - Should be fixed now with firefox 3 release
    - Workaround :
    - Bug report :

    Samba Shares
    -Workaround :
    -Bug report :

    -Note : Basically right click on a directory and share it -> Install the needed samba server -> log out and back in -> Repeat right click on directory to share.

    Do Not Share $HOME : See post #7 in the "Workaround" above. ~ Thanks Deeta

    ATI & Compiz :
    -Workaround : ~ Thanks Rocket2DMn
    -Bug report :

    GVFS and disk usage :
    -Workaround :
    -Bug report :

    SATA drives not detected in IDE mode (DELL users mainly)
    -Workaround :
    -related thread :
    -Bug report :

    Install VMWare Server
    - Workaround :
    Not really a bug, more of a FAQ.

    VirtualBox OSE
    - Problem : VBox status code: -1908 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED)
    - Workaround : Remove VirtualBox OSE and install the PUEL version.
    - Bug report :

    System -> Quit takes a long time to appear
    -Bug report:
    -Workaround: Reenable the gnome-power-manager in Administration-Sessions.

    Shut down screen problem?
    -Bug report :
    -Workaround :

    Downgrade to Firefox 2, add-ons will not install
    - Bug report :
    - Workaround :

    Edit /etc/sudoers with gedit
    - Workaround :
    - Bug report :

    High CPU usage in system monitor
    - Workaround : - use top or htop in the meantime, thanks vor.
    - Bug report : - fixed upstream and currently in -proposed (may 08th 2008)

    Bluetooth headsets not working
    Workaround :
    Bug report :

    USB devices and permissions
    - The syntax used in the 40-permissions.rules has changed with 8.04. In addition, any user changes now need to be in a user-numbered-and-named.rules file higher than 40.
    - Workaround :
    - Bug Report :
    ~ Thanks anewguy

    Crash after installing system-config-samba
    - Workaround : sudo touch /etc/libuser.conf
    - Bug Report :
    Thanks kikke

    Memory Leak in NetworkManager:
    - Workaround : use Intrepid package which is fixed.
    - Bug Report:

    Fell free to propose other known Hardy Heron bugs to be listed here but think to provide a link to the workaround and a link to the corresponding launchpad entry.
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