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Thread: Upgrading Software from Source

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    Question Upgrading Software from Source

    Hi there.

    Normally when I install software, I just install using Synaptic, or using apt-get from the command line. There has been the odd time however where I've had to compile from source.

    My question is relating to compiling from source. The software in question here is vnStat. The current version is 1.6, but the Ubuntu Feisty package manager only shows 1.4. I want the newest version, so in this case I would have to compile from source. But if in the future they release version 1.7 of the software, how do I "upgrade" my software from "source". Is that even possible, or does one somehow have to uninstall/decompile the version 1.6, then reinstall using the 1.7 source? I have never had to do this, Synaptic always gave me an upgrade option, so I'm a little confused.


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    Re: Upgrading Software from Source

    Onece you start compiling you have to keep at it unless the package appears in the Ubuntu repos.

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