I have recently built a server based on Intel DG965RY but i need to replace it due to a big problem when loaded with 4Gb Ram. The system runs extremely slow (more than 30 min to boot 8.04 server) with 4Gb, but runs fine with 3Gb. This is a firmware related problem thad affects most G965 chipser based mobos. I have already read that chipset G33 has similar problems with 4Gb ram.
So i need to replace my MB with another one supporting my E6400 procesor and 4X1Gb DDR2 Ram.
Does anybody know a MB that runs fine with this Procesor and 4Gb ram with ubuntu 8.04 server kernel?
BTW, the 4Gb problem only apear with server kernel. Not with workstation, because this kernel only address 3,xxGb. Same for win Vista and XP. XP only use 3,xx Gb an runs fine, but vista BSOD if loaded with 4Gb ram.
Realy need some advice.