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Thread: Iriver X20 flash player problems

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    Iriver X20 flash player problems

    This is my first thread on ubuntu forums, so first of all, HY

    Ok, so, I have an IRiver X20 flash-player, like this one:

    When I used Windows, they gave me a software called IRIVER Plus 3. The idea of this software was to transform the clips i wanted to upload to the player, into the supported format. They say that it supports MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG, WMV.

    Now I use Ubuntu 8.04, so i cannot use Iriver plus 3 anymore. I tryed to convert flv videos into wmv with ffmpeg. It sees them, but when i try to play the file, the player just skips them.

    Does anyone know why this happens, or how I can make it work?

    BTW, i still had a video on the player that was converted with the original software, and was supported by the player. Here are the specs of the supported video:

    Dimensions 320 x 240
    Codec Microsoft Windows Media 9
    Framerate 25 FPS
    Bitrate N/A

    Codec WMA Version 8
    Channels Stereo
    Sample rate 44100 Hz
    Bitrate N/A

    Now the video that I converted with ffmpeg, and that did not work:

    Dimensions 320 x 239
    Codec Microsoft Mpeg-4.4.3
    Framerate 25 fps
    Bitrate N/A

    Codec MPEG 2 Audio, Layer 2
    Channels Mono
    Sample rate 22050 HZ
    Bitrate 64 kb/s
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    Re: Iriver X20 flash player problems

    Nobody knows?


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