When I right-clicked on the applications menu, and then clicked edit menus, then went to a folder to change its name, I right clicked on it, and meant to click on properties, but accidentally clicked delete. I immediately hit ctrl+z to undo (windows user reaction), not expecting it to work, but the menu came back right after I hit that. I then right clicked on the menu and clicked on properties, but this caused a "sorry, main menu closed unexpectedly" window to come up. The main menu window never crashed, but the properties dialog also never came up. This is repeatable, but only if I try it on the item that was previously deleted. Clicking on properties for anything else still brings up the dialog box. After this happened, clicking on delete for any other menu item also caused the error window to come up, and the item to not be deleted, even if I close the main editing items window and bring it up again. I am using hardy.