Greetings everyone,
Was enjoying 'Gutsy' for about 6 weeks prior to upgrading to Hardy.
Upgrade pretty smooth however I have two questions.
Id be very grateful for some input.
Oh, better point out that I'm kinda new to this but I have tried everything I could think of prior to posting.

Question 1.
Load an ordinary audio CD and Rythmbox launches OK.
However the msg "Not Playing" displays beneath the "Play" button.
Nothing I have done so far convinces Rythymbox to play the CD.

Question 2
My favourite radio station offers streaming in RealPlayer only.
Got this working in 'Gutsy' via a very helpful post...

After the upgrade to 'Hardy' we need to re-install a plugin(s) for Firefox.
Now I have got myself into a little trouble with this type of thing in the past and didn't quite get what I was expecting and actually broke things. Add to this my total confusion as to how "Pulse' fits in with Gstreamer, Xine etc. I'm reluctant to experiment.

The Plugin Finder Service lists the following for installation:-
Xine Plugin
Media Plug-in for Gecko Browsers
MPlayer-Plugin for Mozilla
Helix DNA Plugin RealPlayer G2 Plug-in compatible

Could one of you kind souls please advise which of the above should be installed.

My grateful thanks to all responses.