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Thread: HOWTO: Compile and Install TrueCrypt 5.1a on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron)

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    HOWTO: Compile and Install TrueCrypt 5.1a on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron)

    Hi all,
    this night after a lot of retries I finally upgraded my Ubuntu box to Hardy Heron
    As you know everytime you do an upgrade there are always some problems with software. So this morning when I woke up, I tried to mount my truecrypt volume as usually with forcefield, but I get an unknown error message from the gui. So I tryed to manually mount my volume from the command line, and I get this error message:

    FATAL: Module truecrypt not found.
    Failed to load TrueCrypt kernel module
    After some googling, I found a guide which helps me to compile and install TrueCrypt 5.1a on my new Hardy Heron so I decided to write this howto.

    It's quite simple and it should not take a lot of time.

    So now open a terminal and start follow this guide.

    First of all install some packages with apt:

    sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r` linux-source-2.6.24 libfuse-dev libgtk2.0-dev
    Note: If you will notice that are needed other packages please inform me.

    Then create a tmp directory in your home directory:

    mkdir -p ~/tmp
    Now download TrueCrypt source from the official website:

    Go to the path where you saved TrueCrypt source and untar the file in your ~/tmp directory

    tar -zvxf TrueCrypt\ 5.1a\ Source.tar.gz -C ~/tmp
    Now you should download wxAll source code. You can pick it from here:

    Go to the path where you saved wxAll source and untar the file in your ~/tmp directory

    tar -zvxf wxWidgets-2.8.7.tar.gz -C ~/tmp
    Now go to your ~/tmp/truecrypt-5.1a-source directory:

    cd ~/tmp/truecrypt-5.1a-source
    and launch this command line:

    WX_ROOT=~/tmp/wxWidgets-2.8.7 make wxbuild
    This will build the ./wxrelease subdirectory in the truecrypt source path. You'll probably will have some warnings from the compiler, but you can safely ignore.

    Once you have your shell back, launch this command line to compile truecrypt:

    WX_ROOT=~/tmp/wxWidgets-2.8.7 make
    Probably you will get a lots of warnings from the compiler, but you can ignore it. They are just warnings.

    Now go Main directory in TrueCrypt source:

    cd ~/tmp/truecrypt-5.1a-source/Main
    and start truecrypt gui:

    If everything is ok, you should have now the truecrypt gui running.

    Now close you application from the Gnome notification area and copy your just compiled truecrypt binary in you /usr/local/bin directory:

    sudo cp ~/tmp/truecrypt-5.1a-source/Main/truecrypt /usr/local/bin/
    Now you have truecrypt binary in your path so you can run it simply with:

    Now you can safely remove your working directories:

    rm -rf ~/tmp/truecrypt-5.1a-source ~/tmp/wxWidgets-2.8.7
    I hope that this guide could help someone. If you notice somenthing wrong or if this guide doesn't work for you please let me know.

    Thank you,
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