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Thread: Encryption broken or just obscure?

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    Encryption broken or just obscure?

    Hi, I chose encrypted volumes and had to enter my passphrase at boot-up as expected, below the yellow ubuntu logo. But it asked 3 times, although I typed it correctly everytime. This happens EVERYTIME I boot the system.

    Not only that, but afterwards a text screen followed, saying something like "Enter passphrase for LUKS:" a couple of times, no matter what I entered. I entered my encryption passphrase again since I didn't know what else the system could want from me, and it just kept asking. After a couple of times it gave some obscure message (Command failed: No key available with this passphrase, or something) and continued to boot.

    After that, the system boots up and I can log in fine.

    So, is encryption broken? Or what's the passphrase this "LUKS" asks of me (what's LUKS anyway, it wasn't mentioned during installation??) Why does it ask me 3 times?
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