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Thread: 8.04, firefox 3, add-on, downgrade?

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    8.04, firefox 3, add-on, downgrade?

    Hi everyone-

    I've been using ubuntu since breezy badger and am extremely pleased with the OS in general. I just upgraded from Feisty Fawn to Hardy Heron and am experiencing one dilemma: my add-on which I am so dependent on, doesn't work with the Firefox 3 that came with Hardy Heron.

    Does anyone know the quickest, most pain-free way to downgrade to a previous version of Firefox whilst keeping all of my settings in-tact?

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    Re: 8.04, firefox 3, add-on, downgrade?

    You don't need to downgrade firefox.

    I got the latest version 2.0.42 that works with firefox 3 beta 5 perfectly from its mail list(yahoo).

    You could register in yahoo and then join the delicious-firefox-extension group to get it.

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    Re: 8.04, firefox 3, add-on, downgrade?

    that's good news... you wouldn't happen to have a URL for that mailing list? i've been doing a few searches in the past 10 minutes, but haven't been able to locate that version or the mailing list for the yahoo delicious add-on development.


    nevermind... just found it here:

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    Smile Re: 8.04, firefox 3, add-on, downgrade?

    Thank you for pointing that out!! I was just about to skip the upgrade because the extension for Firefox is a deal breaker to me. No extension, no upgrade. Now to re-boot into the alternate CD and see how an upgrade goes. Looks like everything is working tickety-boo from the livecd.

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