Hi Guys,

I just successfully installed 7.10 Sparc Server on my Sun Ultra 10 . I can't wait to get it working, but I'm having a problem with DNS servers.

There are three DNS servers that need to be looked up, but I think i'm doing something wrong. I can ping any ip address (of say google or other computers), but i can't actually ping "www.google.com". This leads me to believe that it must be a DNS issue.

In my /etc/network/interfaces file, i have the following:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
     address <blah>
     netmask <blah>
     gateway <blah>
     dns-search <blah>
     dns-nameservers <blah>
I'm not sure why this is not working. Is there somewhere else I'm supposed to specify the dns servers? I read somewhere I need resolvconf to be able to put the "dns-search" and "dns-nameservers" in my /etc/network/interfaces file. Does that not come with the server edition?

In my other ubuntu desktop, I have network manager and the entire GUI to set the DNS servers, so it's much easier. However, I can't download the GUI because I can't access any of the packages because my DNS is not working . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!