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Thread: hardy on aspire 5920g, i386

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    hardy on aspire 5920g, i386

    If anyone is using a 5920g and planning to install hardy these are my experiences so far:

    1. Installation:
    I used the alternate cd of the i386 distro of 8.04 without any hitches, no need for the modprobe piix trick any more. Wireless is working off the bat. Probably i could have used the standard install CD.

    2. Sound not working:
    I default sound is not enabled. Double click on the sound icon to get into the volume control. Under preferences enable surround,center,lfi and side. Then in the main window unmute and raise the volumes.

    3. Webcam and microphones - working

    4. Card reader.
    So far SD-cards seem to be working fine EDIT: also sony memory cards are working.

    5a. HDMI video out - Had to restart with the cable in for hardy to detect it. Then i started nvidia-settings (from repos) and could setup the screen. EDIt:
    U only need to restart x (ctrl+alt+backspace) and login again..
    * I now have the screen setup as side by side twinview, whenever i restart x, the gfx card flips to the correct setting..
    * I just run smplayer with the video content in the laptop screen, move it into the TV output area (on the right in my setup) and double click for fullscreen

    5b. HDMI audio out? does it exist on this laptop?
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