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Thread: Starting a vmware file chops up my NIC.....

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    Starting a vmware file chops up my NIC.....

    Starting a vmware file chops up my NIC from the external ip
    into 2 additional virtual ips. That makes it a total of 3 ips.
    I believe this process is called NAT or something.

    When this happen Ubuntu which previously had Internet connection looses its connectivity after starting up a vmware virtualization containing SuSE. The virtualization have Internet access but not Ubuntu any more.

    The instructor told me that this may be a cause of badly configured DHCP at school. My question is this:
    How can I from my student workstation find out what working DNS servers exists on my schools network (without looking at other peoples /etc/resolve files)? Since starting up VMplayer seems to overwrite my working DNS and stuff making my Ubuntu loose Internet while SuSE have proper Internet.
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