I'm running Ubuntu Studio, which I upgraded from Gutsy by apt-getting a whole bunch of ubuntustudio packages (from memory, -graphics, -audio, -audio-plugin, -video and -desktop.)

If I restart X (with ctrl-alt-backspace) or even flip over to a terminal and back (ctrl-alt-F1-6) I'm left with a blank screen. The desktop's still there, because I can hear it.

(I can hear it because often the whole desktop restarts and takes me back to the login screen.)

In addition, 2 out of 3 times when I reboot I get a login screen and desktop with horrendous low resolution 'safe mode' graphics. It's pretty much impossible to work like that, so I have spent whole evenings switching my machine off and on again (can't simply restart X because of the problem listed above) until it eventually boots and looks normal.

The machine is rather old, with the graphics integrated into the motherboard. Sadly I can't tell you much about it because I didn't buy it - but it does have a little label saying 'Intel'. It was my understanding that Intel stuff's more likely to work with linux?

I had a brisk look and haven't noticed anyone else with this problem. Is it fixable, and if so, how quickly?