Hi guys,

I have been trying Ubuntu on my old laptop and as dual boot on my desktop. I have finally decided to switch to Hardy 8.04.

I am no expert at linux so I want some help deciding. I have an old laptop (linux only, 40gb) for testing, a Thinkpad (XP will move to Vista and ubuntu dual boot later) and a Desktop (XP, for now switching to ubuntu)

Currently I have removed my dual boot linux from desktop. On the desktop I have 3 hdd with total of 4 partitions 200gb, 120gb, and 30/30gb(NTFS). 2 external drives 200gb (NTFS). When I switch to Hardy I will create a /Home on its own partition, how big should this partition be? and what about the rest of the partition?

As of now most of the drives are almost full so I can't move data to other drive to switch from NTFS to what ever. Can Hardy read/write to NTFS or should I switch them later on?? If yes to what?? FAT32?? ext2?? 3?? I want to be able to read and write to this partition from ubuntu and XP or vista.

I ask bcuz I was able to look at the data from ubuntu while back but not read or write.