I have an HP DV6000z. I have been unable to load any of the version up until this point. When the beta version of 8.04 came out, I thought I would give that version a try. All of the previous versions would start to load and then just hang at a black screen. The 8.04 has been different so far. It allows me to go through all the needed steps and then installs up to 87%. At this point the system just hangs. I have tried numerous times and even burned my disk at 12x thinking maybe my reader was having issue's reading at a higher rate. I am really stumped and know longer know where to turn. Here are the spec's of my laptop:
-HP Dv6000z
-AMDx64 TK-53 Athlon 1.7 processor
-4gb ram
-Vista 64 bit
-6150 Nvidia video card
- The rest is the basic HP installed standard hardware/software. I had the 32 bit vista installed prior, but with the same issue's. I only went to the 64 bit to see the difference in performance. I know that my knowledge is far below everyone else here, so I will thank everyone now in advance for ANY insite as to HOW I can load this OS. Also, I know knowthing about editing anything from the command prompt, so if there is a solution from that end, I will need to be treated like a 5 year old with my hand held throught the process. Thanks so much guys for any help. I have a feeling it is the Athlon processor that is holding up everything. My co-workers have the same system with the same spec's. The only difference is that they are running the Turion processor. Hmmmmmmmm.......
Thanks again!!!