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Thread: Increase root.disk size?

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    Increase root.disk size?

    I just downloaded Ubuntu 8.04 last weekend, and I've been having fun learning about how to do things in it. I installed it in Windows, and not on its own real partition. I originally thought that I would only need about 5GB, because I thought that most programs could be run off my NTFS XP setup. Wine requires many programs to be installed on the root.disk in order to work. I want to know if I can increase the size of the root.disk from 5GB to 20GB without reinstalling Ubuntu. It took me days to get all of my drivers working (Wireless was a killer!) and I would rather not go through all of that again. If my only option is re-installation, is there any way to save what I have done (drivers/software) on this installation and put it into a new installation?

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    Re: Increase root.disk size?

    Yes, you should be able to use gparted to resize the ubuntu partition. You can either download the gparted live cd
    or boot the ubuntu live cd and when you are at the desktop open "Partition Editor" (System>Admin>Partition Editor) then use the resize feature.
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