Hello all,

During today's Dapper development updates one of the packaes wanted to replace the /etc/modporbe.d/aliases file. Yes or No?
Normally I would say No to keep my confuguration but it mentioned "to keep the developers additions". So I say, Yes replace it.

I knew this was the file that would trun IPV6 back on and so I had to change it again after re-boot.
Well, I guess I forgot how to do that (format wise) but after entering several forms I thot the net had sped up some but it was still stalling and slugish at the end of a web page load, as if it had to wait for a done signal.

I thoht I would re-boot and see if there was a difference. Sure enough the network is responding a top speed now.

So here are the changes I put in with the orginal comment out.
But the re-boot is required.

alias net-pf-10 ipv6 off
alias net-pf-10 off
alias ipv6 off
#alias net-pf-10 ipv6

IPV6 slows down the IPV4 environment if the router out the door does not understand IPV6 and for most people IPV6 is not needed.

So, add the 3 lines, comment the orginal, save and re-boot.

Firefox and Thunderbird will respond 3 to 4 times faster.