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Thread: burning problems with philips spd2513bd 20x internal sata drive

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    burning problems with philips spd2513bd 20x internal sata drive

    i installed a philips spd2513bd 20x internal sata dvd burner last week. it would read burnt (no css) dvds and rip them just fine, but with commercial dvds it wouldn't play nor rip. in totem it just said it couldn't read the media. in vlc it came up as an audio disc and did nothing. no dvd ripping program i tried (dvd:rip, dvd95, etc) would read the commercial dvds.

    i decided to format and install hardy heron beta, but the burnt disc failed so i ended up reinstalling gutsy (on a usb dvd drive, since i couldn't get it to boot from the sata drive, even though it's on the motherboard and it's enabled in the bios...)

    i still have the same problem. it reads bootleg dvds fine, burnt data discs fine, but not commercial dvds. i have libdvdcss2 and libdvdread (or whatever, the real name eludes me at the moment) installed.

    title should say burning and reading problems..

    anyway, every disc i burn says it completes but ends up blank, but finished so it can't be written again.

    any help would be appreciated.
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