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Thread: Installed Ubuntu 8.04 Beta and Setup WIreless Driver on Gateway ML3109 (Notebook PC)

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    Installed Ubuntu 8.04 Beta and Setup WIreless Driver on Gateway ML3109 (Notebook PC)

    Hi all, hope this helps. Keep in mind, this is my first experience with Ubuntu (I've tried other Linux Distributions, but always gave up and returned to Windows). I already had a wireless router setup at my home with encryption disabled (I'll enable encryption soon).

    Thanks to "ICould Beat Simon" for showing how to setup wireless for Ubuntu 7.10

    1. Installed Ubuntu 8.04 (on my Gateway ML3109)
    - Downloaded Ubuntu 8.04 Beta ISO Image
    - Burned image onto a CD using my Windows Vista machine and ISO Burner
    - Inserted CD into Gateway ML3109
    - Restarted ML3109 and selected the install option from Ubunto menu

    2. Downloaded files for wireless driver installation (Using another computer)
    - On my Windows Vista Desktop I downloaded the following files:
    ndiswrapper 1.52
    realtek 8185 drivers
    - Unzipped the realtek file and fetched the "WINXP" directory
    - I put the "WINXP" and 'ndiswrapper' files onto my thumbdrive for transfer to the laptop ML3109

    3. Connected ML3109 to internet
    - Climed into the attic and connected to modem (with ethernet cable)
    - System > Administration > Update Manager (checked for, and installed, updates)

    3. Configured Synaptic Package Manager to not prompt me for Ubuntu CD
    - Settings > Repositories
    - Went to "Ubuntu Software" Tab (was there by default)
    - Unchecked the "Installable from CD-ROM/DVD" box
    - Checked all other boxes
    - Went to "Third-Party Software" Tab
    - Checked all boxes
    - Went to "Updates" Tab
    - Checked "Important security updates"
    - Checked "Recommended updates"

    4. Used Synaptic Package Manager to download and install
    - g++-4.2
    - g++-4.2-multilib
    Note: Synaptic Package Manager installed many other necessary packages.

    5. Installed build-essentials
    - Applications > Accessories > Terminal
    - 'sudo apt-get install build-essential'

    6. Escaped from the attic
    - Turned off computer
    - Unpluged from modem
    - Returned downstairs to the livingroom
    - Turned on computer

    7. Updated blacklist file
    - Applications > Accessories > Terminal
    - 'sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist'
    - Added the following lines to the end of the file:
    blacklist r818x
    blacklist r8180
    blacklist r8187
    - Restarted the laptop (Gateway ML3109)

    8. Transferred "WINXP" and 'ndiswrapper' to ML3109
    - plugged in thumbdrive and transferred "WINXP" and 'ndiswrapper' to ML3109 desktop
    - Opened terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal)
    - Changed directory to desktop ('cd Desktop')
    - Extracted 'ndiswrapper' file ('tar -xf ndiswrapper-1.52.tar.gz')
    - Changed directory to extracted 'ndiswrapper' ('cd ndiswrapper-1.52')
    - 'sudo make uninstall'
    - 'make'
    - 'sudo make install' (no errors or warnings observed)

    9. Installed wireless drivers
    - opened terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal)
    - Changed directory to "WINXP" ('cd Desktop/WINXP/')
    - 'sudo bash'
    - 'ndiswrapper -i net8185.inf'
    - 'ndiswrapper -l' (returned message: 'net8185:driver installed device (10EC:8185) present)
    - 'modprobe ndiswrapper'
    - 'sudo gedit /etc/modules'
    - added 'ndiswrapper' to end of file so it will load when I power up the ML3109 laptop

    10. Connected to internet (wireless, no encryption enabled yet)
    - Clicked on the network connection icon in upper right corner of screen
    - Selected my network essid from a list of nearby network essid's

    Next step: setup encryption
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