I currently use Kubuntu on my two laptops. One is a Toshiba 1905 S301, and the other is a Compaq Presario (I'm at work and don't remember the model number of that one). Kubuntu 7.10 works well on both of them (with a small amount of tweaking).

I'm in the market to upgrade, and I was looking at Toshiba again, since I had such a good experience with my old 1905. I was wondering if anyone here has had any success with or knew of any problems with the Toshiba Satellite X205-SLi6 or any of the components.

Here's a link with all the specs (toshibadirect.com)

I've heard there might be some trouble with the NVidia SLI, but I've done some forum searching and some googling, but with no definite result.

I can post any other relevant information once I know what you need...