I'd like to get a consensus on the best choice of Photo Browser / Importer for Gnome.

My Needs (Simple):

Good Importer with masks for specifying directory and file naming on import.
RAW, JPG and Video handling
Thumbnail catalogue / database
Slide show incorporating all formats if possible

I don't need complex editing - I'll use a secondary tool (maybe GIMP) for that.

I don't want to hear the following answers:


I've tried digiKam on a Kubuntu install, but this seems to be a KDE app. only. There also seems to be mixed views on whether it will run correctly / reliably under Gnome. If there's anyone out there who has an 'experienced' take on this I'd be happy to hear it. And any other suggestions of course. I gather the majority feel that the lack of a good photo browser is a weak spot in Gnome. Any signs of that being corrected...??