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Let me be sure I understand something. From your explanation, my understanding is that you tried some other guides you found on the Internet before you tried the one I created. That is what I understand from the first paragraph of your reply. If this is not correct, please tell me. If I'm correct, then that part of your experience is the same as mine. The problem is that even though the installer appears to support RAID5, it doesn't really support it. The files are installed on a standard non-RAID partition. So it will boot. But if that partition goes away, like when you removed a drive, it will no longer boot.
You are correct, i try other guides with no succes, and tehn i follow your instructions

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I will need to know the specific errors you received when running rsync in order to help you. It is probably something simple. But it could be any of a large number possibilities. Do you remember the errors? Are you running all the commands as "root"? If not, you'll get all kinds of "permission denied" errors.
Well like i mention, i am comletely new to all this and doing my best, I believe i am running all the commands as a root since I am doing the following: "sudo cat/ proc/mdstat", with the sudo command on the fornt. At this point i do not recall the erros, but i am happy to write them back if i get them again

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To answer another question, I'm running Kubuntu because I prefer the KDE desktop. No other reason. That's all that makes Kubuntu different from Ubuntu.


Well i have read on the forum and came to the conclusion of using the ubuntu server, one of my plans was to then probably install the GUI with kubuntu. what are your thougths in relation ot this. I just want something ligth and stable