Seriously, people cannot turn their brains on/off so how could it be offensive? Thats like saying pull the bottle out of your ear - it is a funny way of calling attention to something.

A user who cannot 'get the point' or forum staff who cannot 'get the point' - which is more dangerous?

I often do not 'get things' until someone tells me to 'wake up' or 'turn my brain on' or 'earth to dean' or 'think about it this way' so I was just issuing a general call to 'wake up' or 'turn your brain on' and to realize that you operate similar (but different) stuff all the time and there is nothing uncomfortable about it.

People cannot turn their brains on and off so it is obviously not a insult, it is simply a funny way of saying 'turn the lights on upstairs' or 'look at it this way'

I seen someone mention fake ***** on these forums. Are they insulting everyone with real *****? Are they insulting everyone with fake *****? Are they just saying something in a silly way?

I just got a new cellphone and I was not 'eased' into the 'transition' and I still felt comfortable. Same goes for many many MANY things that we transition to...