Hi everyone-

I'm pretty new to Ubuntu [I've had it for 1+ yr, but haven't used it to code any of my own programs or anything other than ssh] and very new to the forums. I'm going to school at Tufts University and was inducted as the president of our campus Linux Users Group [longgg story!]. Anyway, I come home during the summers and was wondering what kinds of events go on in my good old home state! I live near Toms River [Ocean County].

I've also kind of noticed the thread hasn't been quite so popular lately, so I'm wondering what might be up.



p.s. i'm hosting a school-wide installfest next month. i've never attended an install-fest before, and this is also sort of different since it's mostly Tufts newbies that are curious. But if anyone has any installfest tips, PLEASE message me or reply to this thread! i will take all the help i can get!