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Thread: What are your Skills and Interests?

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    What are your Skills and Interests?

    Hello all, we're trying to get a better idea of what our members (and those interested in becoming members) are interested in and what their skill sets are. Please, take a moment to list:

    • Where your Ubuntu/Linux/computer interest and experience lie
    • What you'd like to get out of the LoCo
    • What skills you have that you feel might help the cause of the LoCo

    For myself:
    I've always been interested in the open source philosophy and advocating for open source and open standards. For computers, I've always been a go to guy for technical issues and tinker with them pretty often. I've never contributed to open source development but it's something that I'd like to get into.

    I'd like to help make the group a better resource for people interested in learning and/or migrating to open source or open standards, and to spread adoption.

    I'm a web developer that works mostly in PHP/MySQL. I may be able to help with some of the web stuff, and also may be able to help write some literature advocating OSS.
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