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Thread: Hello from a ubuntu user in Dublin

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    Hello from a ubuntu user in Dublin

    Just wanted to give a shout out n say hello.

    I have been around these forums for some time. I thought I had another user name and pw that I used over a year ago, but alias, I cant recall it.

    I have a blog dedicated to ubuntu and ireland related. Its embarrassingly not updated regular. Its a simple blogger account with a registered domain which cost me something silly like 7 euro for a year

    something about me:
    From my first introduction to a Commodore 128 computer (way back then), I was hooked. Moving on, the almighty Amiga 500 & A1200...After Amiga went bust, the ole windows 95 was hitting the streetz. Kinda stayed on that bandwagon up to xp. But in between that I bought BeOS, SuSe 8.2 and downloaded red hat 7.3 (I think it was that..dialup **cringe**). Recently (last 2 or 3 years) I've been on the linux trip, actively following the top distributions. Ubuntu didn't really raise any eyebrows initially, but over time, I gave in to its popularity and jumped on. Enjoying the ride at the moment and get a real kick out of it every 6 months. I have to say, linux Mint, is a fine distro too...

    I use ubuntu 100% for my daily computing needs. I have 2 desktop computers. One is ubuntu and the other is XP (games and lightroom, oh and lightscribe).

    I have written a small article on using ubuntu and why its cool. I hope to send this to free newspapers that get distributed to peoples homes. E.G The Northside PEOPLE / The Southside PEOPLE here in Dublin.

    Its a very generic article and can be really published in any newspaper. The pdf attached has the text. Maybe you can let me know what you think of it or even better, send me an email address of YOUR local newspaper web address or editors email address, so I can put it to them. I have high resolution pictures which you will notice are not in the pdf

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