I just read about Gnome 2.22's new features and a new plugin for Totem. Could be useful?

Totem Makes Friends With MythTV, YouTube: 
While GNOME's movie player, Totem, is far from being a 
new project, in GNOME 2.22 are several enticing additions. 
Totem 2.22 features plugins for YouTube and MythTV.
 The YouTube plug-in allows you to search and browse 
YouTube.com video files all within Totem. The MythTV 
plugin for GNOME allows you to view recordings from a
 MythTV server as well as view live TV. We have 
especially enjoyed the MythTV plug-in and look forward to
 its continued development. Two other new Totem 
plug-ins are Publish and Tracker, which allows you to
 share your current playlist via HTTP and search for
 videos, respectively. The Totem 2.21/2.22 branch 
also contains other improvements and fixes for this
 movie player.
See http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?pag...item=980&num=1