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Thread: help installing ubuntu on mac using parallels

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    help installing ubuntu on mac using parallels

    so i just got my 1st mac yesterday so im clueless with this thing...
    i d/led parallels and got it installed fine but when i try to upload the ubuntu to it i keep getting errors ....i d/led ubuntu from their site both
    "Standard personal computer (x86 architecture, PentiumTM, CeleronTM, AthlonTM, SempronTM)"
    "64bit AMD and Intel computers"

    the 1st one tells me "error reading boot cd" (im loading the iso)

    and the 2nd one tells me "your CPU does not support long mode. use a 32bit distribution"
    its a intel core2duo
    so im not sure what else to do...
    any help is welcomed thanks!! ...

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    Re: help installing ubuntu on mac using parallels

    Is it a Core 2 Duo or a Core Duo? Regardless, it sounds like the first ISO you downloaded suffered some corruption. Not sure why the second isn't working, provided you have a C2D. I run an Ubuntu x86_64 web+file server in a VM in VMWare Fusion on Leopard with zero problems, though, as well as playing with Fedora & CentOS. I'm of the opinion that VMWare handles non-Windows OS's much better than Parallel's does.
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