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Thread: Mounting disks in VirtualBox

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    Mounting disks in VirtualBox

    I have some problems mounting disks. First, I don't find system>administration>disks on my ubuntu 7.10. How can I access mounting and partitioning then?

    Another question: Is there some problem finding partitions (windows partitions on the same computer and possibly disk) and network computers when you use some virtual machine (I use Virtualbox). Is this possible? Do I have to configure VirtualBox?


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    Re: Mounting disks in VirtualBox

    Well, you can install the partitioner with 'sudo apt-get install gparted', but if it's on a guest OS, it won't help you much as the guest won't see normal partitions and disks. You have to share your 'real' disks via the built in 'shared folder's menu in virtualbox. Then from inside the guest OS you can add the folders as network drives.


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