ok, So i've been playing with Vbox and I have the install down, It's the uninstall that I don't have down. I was having issues installing XP on the Vbox version that's in ubuntus package manage. Well I took the suggestions from some other forum ( that I now regret ) and uninstall ubuntu version for the Vbox all distribution version. Well now I get an error msg >

No audio devices could not be opened. Selecting the NULL audio backend with the consequence that no sound is audible..

Error ID:

when I try to start the xp install. And I have the ALSA option selected for the audio. So I don't want to continue with the install for the probablility that I wil not have audio for XP.

I can find every post and forum possible for install vbox including the All disrto version, but not the uninstall! I don't know how to get rid of it.

And I don't know if this make it worse or not, but I found an articel somewhere that you could delete the hidden .virtualbox folder under the username folder. which i did, but it didn't get rid of it. And I do now have the ubuntu version install, which both the innotek virtualbox icons gave the me same error. so... I'm just all sorts of messed up.

I just want to find the terminal command to uninstall the VBox all distro version. The ubuntu version I know how to uninstall if I have to.