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    Re: HOWTO: Latest NVIDIA drivers


    I tried this, and it has successfully fried my nvidia graphics, so now it's not only not fixed the problem but I have now lost openGL rendering, which was working.

    I have:

    AMD64, Gutsy, and an FX5200. I have been trying to get Cedega going, but the Cedega tests came up saying 3D acceleration wasn't working, but everything else was. My screen does not display the Nvidia splash.

    I followed the instructions here.

    Now nothing is working. I have to boot through something that comes up low resolution mode, and wants to set my screen to Plug and Play, by graphics card to VESA. I change it to nvidia and IBM screen, and it brings up the login.

    I tried going back to the nvidia-glx-new, but it's there. Tried enabling it on the restricted drivers, but can't seem to get the system back to where it was either.

    Tried reinstalling kernel
    Tried reinstalling nvidia-glx-new
    No change, I have the same problem
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