First, before I say anything else let me say that I want you all to circulate this all around the linux community. Also I would like to say thank you all who this summer helped me get compiz fusion to work. I have used Ubuntu before. I have been an open source fan before.

Why is everybody so obsessed about linux and open source? Every pc magazine I read “Embrace Open Source” or “switch to linux” Linux to me is not that great. During my first boot I needed to use the command line to install my wireless driver. I needed to do the same thing for flash and java. A normal Windows user uses the device manager or an *.exe file or plain old active x. You people see the difference? Nobody has time for the command line. And you people actually have the nerve to say “linux is the future”? What are you people basing that off of? Im not ignorant though, I see your side of hating Microsoft. I really do! But is it worth it to switch? I don’t think so! You guys are like feminist, you people take yourselves way too seriously! Face the truth! Linux = Windows 3.1! A graphics layer on top of a command line! Except Linux is actually an O.S. and 3.1 was not! Linux is only good 4 servers and small computers like phones and pda's.