I'm trying to setup a VPN connection between my laptop and my office. We have some VPN config setup instructions on the office wiki, but they were written for the fedora guys there and don't seem to work on ubuntu.

What I've done so far is install the openvpn and network-manager-openvpn packages. I've then configured via network manager > vpn to connect to the IP of the VPN server, using the default 1194 port. I've imported the office .pem file and placed it into the /etc folder. I've also included my username. It prompts me for my password at connection and then errors saying:

Could not start the VPN connection 'Guru Labs' due to a connection error. The VPN login failed because the VPN program could not connect to the VPN server.

If anyone has any ubuntu-specific suggestions, or other things you may have used for VPN connections on Ubuntu I'd love some. Right now I'm running out of ideas.