Hi tech people!
Many, many years ago I had many an altercation on early Linux BBS with "real" users who were against making the use of Linux easy. The problem is still here today, I see.

There has been so much brilliant work by so many people on this ONLY ALTERNATIVE that it is a shame to see that support is still very much "black screen" O S level.

Especially coupled with how easy it is to total a Linux system from the cmd line, it would be a great idea to focus more on simple-as-possible = graphics help.

In my case, I have only ever in 10 years got two installs of Linux to work:
Suse 9.2 and when I upgraded to Suse 10 - it totalled the system.
Ubuntu 7.04 on one out of three systems - a 4 y.o. Sony portable.

By "work" I mean including sound, decent graphics, Internet. Surprisingly, it is usually internet connections that fail me - and this is the primary purpose of my using it!

So, my question really is: does anyone (non-techhead) ever really get it to go on in one go, without a lot of tech knowhow?

I know millions of people download it like me and never get it to go, otherwise it would rule the world by now. What is the problem, still?