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Again, not trying to beat a dead horse here, but are you sure calling "sudo rm -rf" malicious is a good thing to instill in a new user to linux. sudo rm -rf is not malicious, but can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. Telling someone not to ever sudo rm -rf doesn't seem like the right approach... Its probably been too long since I've been a new user of an OS to understand the viewpoint, but knowing how many times I've used that command for very productive reasons makes me think its a bad choice in teaching.

so, if I were to post a productive script on the forums which made use of rm -rf, would I get banned???

If I were to tell someone how to correctly use mkfs, and they still blew up one of their drives, would I get banned?? Was I being malicious because I tried to show someone how to use mkfs and they blindly used the command?? There are a lot of users that just cut and paste code under a thread name they are looking for. THAT is the behavior it seems we sould be working to curb.

Teaching people what these commands mean, and what they can do rather than discouraging their use seems like a much more educational approach.

I honestly understand your thoughts here, but do you really think that such a command is suitable for MOST truly new users?

I liken it to the NRA's Eddie Eagle program, where they teach kids to NEVER touch a gun, to stop and go tell an adult. As a person gets older and has the capacity to understand how to handle such a powerful object (or command), or once they're actually taught to be responsible, even at a young age, that advice doesn't necessarily apply to them in the strictest sense. I'm new to Linux, but I would think that if a new user is told not to use the sudo rm command, if someone suggests it, they'll at least pause and not rush off and do it or question it. It's not like they can't change their minds and do it once 4 or 5 more users post replies to their issue/question stating that it's okay in this instance (if it truly is).