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Thread: VMWare Server - Shrink VM?

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    VMWare Server - Shrink VM?

    I have Windows XP Installed on VMWare on a 30GB Pre-allocated disk. I've only used 10GB of the disk but for some odd reason the disk keeps growing. In two days it has grown to almost 40GB. The Windows XP Drive is still 30GB, but the physical folder is almost 40GB.

    Does anyone know why it's doing this? How can I shirnk this pre-allocated disk or get rid of the junk it's spitting out thats causing the virtual machine to grow.

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    Re: VMWare Server - Shrink VM?

    40gb? wow, I would get a virus/ad/malware scan running on that thing.

    With vmwareserver and vmware tools installed you should be able to use the shrink option in vmware tools to shrink it back down once you clear some space.
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