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Thread: Virtualbox and bigger scrennresolution on guest w2k

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    [RESOLVED]Virtualbox and bigger scrennresolution on guest w2k

    Hi. I run Gutsy and virtualbox and as guest-os I have w2k. I can not change the resolution bigger than 800x600 and 16 colors. I wounder how I can get a better driver?.In windows I can chose between 640x480 pixels-driver(When I brows betteen vga-drivers. My driver in w2k is VgaSave. I have 8MB videoram.
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    Ubuntu 14.04LTS 64bit, 14.04 Lubuntu 32-bit on eeePCs and OSX on a G4 800MHz iMac (iLamp). I think I have an W7 on one of my Virtualbox machine under 14.04LTS?


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