The install went great. I love the ease of use. I only learned Windows starting about 8 yrs ago. Didn't even know how to turn a computer on when I started. About November last year I stumbled across a Live CD of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS at a Thrift Store. I Payed a whole $0.05 for it. Had a spare HD so I swaped them out & installed Ubuntu. I had to buy a book to get it right but it was worth it. I loved 6.06 and I'am wild about Gutsy Gibson. I learned more in 6 months of playing around with Ubuntu than the 7.5 yrs with windows. The only thing I need that Ubuntu doesn't have is program for Hwy and Street Mapping of North America. If it had that it'd be wornderfull. Keep up the great work folks. - Bill may not know it yet but I just broke my Windows addiction.