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Hi All,

I'm having a similar issue. But a bit of backstory. . .Basically I had an Ubuntu Desktop 6.10 installed running an older version of MythTV I'd installed from source. Everything was running fine until one day my drive filled up (apparently when you have all your favorite shows slated for "never delete", bad things happen. ).

Anyway, I wiped the system and started from scratch with Mythbuntu 7.10. For the most part all things work well, except irw. I was having the same problem as "de3pc77", but got that taken care of. Now, however, no remote seems to be picked up by irw. So that leaves me with two hypotheses:

1) irw is simply broken in Mythbuntu

2) the IR adapter for my computer was magically physically broken during the software install

. . .as you can see, I'm pretty much left in a terribly odd spot. Any ideas?
I can tell you that irw works fine.

If you had the same issue as above, my guess would be that you backed up /etc/lirc and restored it w/ the mythbuntu install. Check all the other files in that directory for a similar problem. If that's not the case, open up another thread since this will end up being a completely separate issue. (I'm trying to keep problems in separate threads so that this forum is more easily searchable without someone having to dig through a 20 page thread on lirc)