I am just a new user and I see, through this forum, that almost 80% of the thread relating a game on Linux involve a Windows game + Wine.

I am afraid that this situation will get worse in the future, as developers or publishers won't take a look on Linux or alternative technologies (like OpenGL, SDL)

There are some good native Linux games (ColdWar, X2, Ankh...) but Linux users don't seem interested.

However, when a commercial windows game come with a free Linux client, it seems to hit the Linux mass (Doom 3, Quake 4...)

I don't know why Linux users prefer paying for Windows games and prefer playing it on Linux with Wine

I think it hurts Linux a lot. It is like PS3 owners buying exclusively Xbox 360 games and emulate them on their console : in the end, developpers or publishers will end their support for PS3 and they will focus on Xbox 360....