I have been a Windows only user up to today. I have the following hardware. I have never done anything with Linux before.....

Via M10000 Nehemia 1ghz mother board
512MB Ram
WinTV PVR-150 Hauppauge
250GB Hard drive
DVD ROM (temp only for install, will remove later)

I decided to try Mythbuntu after realizing XP and GBPVR is too much for my little mommy board.

I do not want internet schedule services.
I only have 6 over the air channels to choose from.
I just want to record at time XX:XX on Date mm/dd/yy.

The Mythbuntu install went without any errors. I thought I did the final setups ok.

I get to Mythtv screens ok. I can navigate the menus with the keyboard.

My problems include:

The Hauppauge remote does not do anything.

The mouse icon disapears on screen.

The screen is too wide on my tv but not on the VGA monitor.

If I select WatchTV, I get a message that says "Mythtv is already using all available inputs for the channel you selected....." I don't know what this means and I didn't select a channel.

What setup settings should I look at to verify things are installed ok. What did I miss? (probably a lot)